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 The main corpus of my photographs features the landscapes and people of Iran (where I started my activity as a photographer in 1972) but I have photographs from many other countries (around 30) which I am gradually adding to my web site. I have no favorite subjects. I like landscape (as one can easily understand looking at my site), but my archives include any kind of photographs. For me the key issue is not the subject itself but the creative feeling between myself and the subject. This feeling is based on skills that (following Henri Cartier-Bresson’s suggestion) I might schematically associate with three ‘organs’: the eye, the mind, and the heart. The eye observes and chooses, the mind reflects and elaborates, the heart gives soul and is capable of arousing feelings. The simultaneous presence of these functions will ensure a photograph has basic quality while the absence of even only one of them implies an unsatisfactory result. In all of this, technical perfection is not a sufficient condition for the purposes of producing a successful photograph, but obviously any possible technical shortcomings must not undermine the final outcome of the image.

Riccardo Zipoli

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Riccardo Zipoli
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